Monday, October 01, 2012

Mobile coverage at Fraser's Hill

Been to Fraser's Hill last weekend. Was staying at Silverpark Resort which is situated at the talest location among Fraser's Hill resorts.

Discovered that Maxis, Celcom and DiGi are all there with Maxis offer 3G beside the GSM. Surprisingly, Celcom is only GSM. All 2G networks are only GPRS (no EDGE).

Tested with Maxis 3G, the speed is good. As usual U Mobile is roaming on Maxis GSM/GPRS. Data roaming on Maxis 2G is a pain! Most of the time, my Ipad seen to be no data movement on U Mobile data roaming on Maxis.

DiGi and Maxis announced domestic roaming at Fraser's Hill on 2003, whereby DiGi users can domestic roamed on Maxis GSM. Howevere, there is no more domestic roaming between DiGi and Maxis currently. I guess it's probably DiGi has set up it's own base station to cover Fraser's Hill.

The towers are all situated on east of Fraser's Hill. Can see at least 5 towers are there, included TM relay towers. (refer to the map attached)

Coverage is the best for Maxis, then DiGi and surprising Celcom GSM does not cover well.

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  1. latest update : U Mobile is able to roam on Maxis 3G.