Thursday, September 06, 2012

Astro CS Ms Diana Ashan is no brainer

I can't help myself but laughing until I drop from my chair with Astro professional answer to my problem, particularly from Ms Diana Ashan!

I have problem download the Celestial Movie from Catch Up section of Astro Vidao On Demand through my PVR set. I have subscribed to Celestial Movie pack and that is not a reason why I cant download it except Astro VD system fault.

You guess what... Reply from Ms Diana Ashan - Please kindly hook up the UTP cable from Astro PVR to Internet!  OMG, if I have not do this, do you think I will complain that I can't download all the Celestial Movie channel's movies? If I have not connected the Astro PVR with my broadband, will I able to check the listing of Catch Up section and subsequently present this complaint?

I wish Ms Diana Ashan use her aged un-used brain to answer it, and Astro do hire some brain-user to be on the CS. However Ms Diana Ashan is very entertaining with her answer... LOL...Shall I publish this on my blog?

This kind of answer from a public listed company!! What a joke!

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