Monday, November 19, 2012


A week ago, I pumped into a “white guy” via the social media. He claimed he is staying at Miami, Florida and is a Polish who has business at the state. We started to SMS each other. His US mobile number is +17865191292. He claimed he has no facebook and whatsapp. This is the earlier clue to a serious of unfortunate incidents.
He told me he is planning a business trip to Qatar, which he will “take this opportunity” to further fly to Malaysia to meet me.
He sent me the flight itinerary and hotel booking slip. His flight is from Miami to New York via American Airlines, New York to Doha and Doha to KL via Qatar Airways. He booked Mandarin Oriental KL for stay from Nov 13 till 18, 2012. Bit strange as he has to fly for about 24 hours to reac h KL.
Anyway, on Nov 13, I checked the air flight arrival time at Doha and KLIA airport via Ipad app AirportZoom. Found all the flights are on time. The last leg from Doha to KL shall landed at 845am at KLIA.
At 1030am, I received a call from a local mobile number, +60103639401. It’s him. He said he is waiting for luggage. Hmm… normally if the flight landed at 845am, the taxing to the arrival gate need max 15 mins to the KLIA satellite terminal building. One won’t linger much at the satellite building as his luggage is waiting for you. Further since one is travelling for 24 hours and half a globe, he will worry his luggage’s which should be not less than 2 big 50kg bags, rather than wondering around at the satellite terminal. This is my first doubt.
He knew how to get a local prepaid? This is my second doubt.
He SMS me at 1130am, saying he is stuck at the custom as he has carried extensive amount of US Dollar into Malaysia. Sound familiar? This is my third doubt.
I immediately Google the incident and found many similar cases written on blog. Some even being cheated for RM20-100k to “stranger who brought in excessive amount of US Dollars… “
At 1140am, I received a call from a local fixed line number 03-26313259. A Malay lady said in Malay “Mr Jack Johnson has claimed to be your only friend in Malaysia has brought in 350k US Dollars. We need to issue a certificate for him but he has no money. Can you pay for him?”
How come Mr Jack Johnson with 350k US Dollars but without a single cent to pay for the “certificate”? I hang up the call and said will call back as I don’t believe 03-263xxxxx is dialled from KLIA. KLIA number is 03-888xxxxx. I knew this thanks to my current job that need me to fly via KLIA often and thanks to last job which need me to go to KLIA custom for IT products clearance.
Then I check Mr Jack Johnson US and Malaysia mobile. My SMS system has return result that the US number is a virtual number and Malaysia number is a DiGi.
-          Virtual number – is a non exist number issued by a company in USA for SMS sending and receiving at USA by any individual who is not reside at the same country.
-          Malaysia DiGi prepaid is used by many scammers as DiGi has not fully enforce maximum 10 prepaid pack per each ID!! Shame on DiGi.
Then I use my Skype (without caller ID) to call both mobile numbers and the “custom” number. All mobile phone numbers are not pick up but the “custom” Malay girl pick up. I asked her about the custom. She said I wrong number!!!!!
I then use my company SMS system to send few SMS to the DiGi number –
DiGi: Your number has been suspected scam case. Your number will be barred in 1 hour. Please call customer service at 0162211800 for verification. 
BNM: Bank Negara Malaysia warning. Stop the scam case, you are being monitored.
PDRM: Kegiatan saudara sedang di bawah permerhatian. Kegiatan penipuan adalah salah di bawah aksi undang-undang Malaysia. Peyeludupan akan diberkasi.

Then I called the DiGi number (Mr Jack Johnson), he don’t damn to pick up the call.
At night, I called to Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL and checked if Mr Jack Johnson checked in. They said Mr Jack Johnson is not there and also the room has been auto cancelled but the creditcard will be charged for 1 night.
God know whose credit card is it.. Should be scam too…


  1. saw your site link in Liewcf's comment section.
    anyway, thanks for sharing the scam.
    I believe it will help someone in the future through google

  2. same thing happen to me..