Tuesday, July 06, 2010

LCCT Carpark Raidoff!

Read this comment. I realise this when I try to find out if my
daughter can leave her car at the airport reasonably cheaply.

It is affordable compared to the airport taxi fares especially if it
is only for one night but at RM36 for an open space car park at the
LCCT, it is just too exhorbitant.
This is the price for allowing ABSOLUTE POWER TO THE BN GOVERNMENT.


Malaysia already has the highest poverty in the world in Sabah, worst
slavery record in the world, worst gap in income in the whole world,
what more miseries are we facing now?

LCCT car park

IF you were to park your car at Malaysia Airport Berhad’s open car
park in front of the LCCT, you will have to fork out RM36 per day. If
you use Touch & Go, it will be about RM40.

Compared with other airports in expensive areas like Singapore’s
Changi, where 24-hour parking costs only S$17.66 (about RM42) for a
covered car park next to the airport, and Standsted Airport in London
at £8.70 (RM46) which includes the complimentary shuttle, our open car
park at LCCT is really expensive.

Or if we park at the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi aiport, it costs only
250 Bhat a day which is only RM25. Manila international airport only
charges 50 peso a day which is RM3.80. We can go on giving examples
such as Clark airport in the Philippines and the Jakarta airport, and
it would still show that parking charges at LCCT are exorbitant.

Imagine, for a three-day trip to Kota Kinabalu we would need to pay
RM108 just for parking at the LCCT when our air ticket costs only RM92
return on AirAsia. Tune Hotel in Kota Kinabalu only charges RM95 for
two nights and car rental for a day is only RM90.

The airport authorities must bring the cost down to make the LCCT a


Puchong, Selangor.

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