Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cheapo Movie!

I have a sneak preview on the movie "Gabriel" lately.

An Australian production, starring model "Andy Whitfield", Samantha Noble, Erika Heynatz, Dwaine Stevenson, Brenda Clearkin. Those unfamaliar name from down under.

Anyway, it is just a 1.5 stars movie as rated by

Really it is sucked!

The movement, fighting and running of the story really don't make you feel like you are at the right cinema hall. Half of the cinema patrols have left the movie since it started for 30 minutes.. Gosh..

Those models turn actors and actress are acting like they are in the cat walk.

Don't waste your time and money for the movie..

Rotten potatoes.....

Below is the comments from

What's so bad about the movie? Surely, it has its saving graces? It has a tagline that reads "Far From Grace" and a plotline that chronicles the Fall From Grace. Sadly, that's just a whole lot of grace for a graceless movie. "Gabriel" disappoints in all aspects of basic filmmaking and ends up being a disastrous effort indeed.

For starters, the texture in "Gabriel" is pretty grainy for a surrealist movie. It has some embarrassingly basic special effects - those that you'd come to associate with evening reruns of "Ultraman" when you were a kid. Aside from that, it has some of the most absurd dialogue in a movie in recent times. Throw that in with a non-engaging, in-universe plot about purgatory, fallen angels and immortality; and you will have a sure-fire showstopper.

"Gabriel" cooks up a lot of hocus-pocus about Arcs (or Archangels), these high-ranking angels from God, for those of you who read the Bible. The titular angel, one of seven in traditional Christianity (and one of four in Islam, I read), is here bastardised by writer-director Shane Abbess as a fornicating, self-righteous, tattooed Australian, with a propensity to heal people a la Kwai Chang Caine in "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues".

It's not that we're not open to alternative takes. It's just that the story is plain uninteresting. The conversations between the angels are more "NYPD blue"-meets-"He-Man", with no respectable hint of any supernatural, awe-inspiring echoes, while the action sequences are inferior to even that of any scene out of that PC game "Diablo". Worse, it also contains a bizarre, stylised sex scene that will take you back to when Alan Rickman last zipped open his pants as Metatron in "Dogma" (1999) to proclaim that angels have no genitalia and are anatomically impaired as a Ken doll. Talk about getting to know someone biblically!

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