Friday, January 18, 2008

Darkest Muscial

Just watched premiere of Sweeney Todds, The demon Barber of Fleet Street @ GSC Pavilion.

It's the first time Johnny Depp sing on screen and as usual one can expects the Tim Burton style... plus Helena Bonham-Carter, you can totally expect some Corpse Bridge chemistry...

Yes, you can miss it as it has 4 nomination for Globe Awards.

I was curious why it's rated 18SG as Tim Burton's movies mostly are child oriented like The Chocolate Factory and Big Fish (which remains my all time favorite)..

After 20 minutes, I have the answer.. yeah, it's a bloody (yes, full of blood) sequence..

The songs are nice but too violence.. Highly recommend for movie goers..

Review from

The cast is remarkable. Throughout the movie, we never stop caring for Depp's character or Bonham Carter's. As the 'practical' Nellie Lovett, her view is that Sweeney's victims "will never be missed". Alas, Bonham Carter is no Sarah Brightman and her songs are there to lend meaning rather than melody. Rickman gives a well-balanced performance as the deceitful judge, supported with oomph by Timothy Spall as his assistant, Beady Bamford. If there is a casting flaw, it may be that of Miss Wisener who appears more of a wallflower than an excited girl in love.

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