Thursday, July 08, 2010

What is sustainable seafood? WWF及MSN海产指南 教你环保地吃海产

Malaysians are highly dependent on the ocean – for food, for regulation of the climate, for recreation and for the sustenance of livelihoods of many people. While we may be aware that our fishes are getting smaller, more expensive and in lesser quantities, we have yet to fully comprehend the urgency of the situation.

The sustainable seafood movement is riding a wave all over the world. On a global scale it has taken the American and European markets by storm and is fast catching up in Asia, particularly in countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and even Vietnam, which has the first sustainable certified seafood in Southeast Asia, the clam fishery in Ben Tre Province.

Simply put, sustainable seafood is seafood that meets the following criteria:

  • fish that are caught using methods that are not harmful to the overall marine environment
  • fish species that are not endangered or at the verge of collapse
  • from a fishery that is well-managed, with minimal issues of accidental catch of turtles, marine mammals and juvenile fish
  • fish that are farmed or grown using environmentally or ocean friendly methods
Where to get the guide

大多数的人可能真的不知道,所以,大马世界自然基金会及马来西亚自然协会,配合世界海洋日,联手推出大马首份海产指南手册,告诉大家更多有关海产产量和人 类过度捕捞的残酷事实。


有兴趣为海产永存作出努力的你,可从www.saveourseafood.my下 载,又或到大马世界自然基金会或马来西亚自然协会总部索取一份海产指南手册。
更多详情可致电03 7803 3772,分线 6433,或电邮至

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