Friday, January 16, 2009

017 is HAPPY

Read from HAPPY website that now they are able to perform MNP. Thus I dragged out my own credit expired Hotlink number which is a nice double double digits numbers and to MNP over to HAPPY.

Purchase the starter pack for RM30 (with Rm30 credit) online from their website. Key in my old Hotlin number as MNP option.

Get called from HAPPY on this confirmation and happily waiting for my new simcard to arrive (which MNP only can be done after the new simcard arrived).

Waited happily for the courier to arrive but not... still waiting...

After numerous HAPPY CS officer called, finally their courier consignant Nationwide service arrive after 6 days. I bet the starter pack has been travel around the world from Timbatu to Coco Island.

Called to HAPPY CS office to confirm receive of the starter pack at 4.30pm.
Finally my old Hotlink 017 numbers has been reborned as HAPPY (DiGi) network at 8.30pm!

Maxis you have lost another loyal customer!

Don't really know if it is because of the upcoming Chinese New Year and much further away Valentine Day, the starter pack is in Pink and the simcard holder is in Purply Pink too.. hehe

Now 017 is HAPPY!

(By the way, you can call HAPPY helpline for free from any DiGi number. Don't dial 014-3333800 but 014-3456789 instead)

Sidekick: There will be a change on tariff of HAPPY from Jan 22, 2009 as noticed from their website.

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