Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recycle a phone, adopt a tree

I followed this Nokia program by recycling my sister's old old Nokia 3150 phone, which has battery problem to Nokia Kiosk at The Garden, Mid Valley.

After 2 months, I only received an email from Mr Nas below:

    Hello there,

    Thank you for recycling your mobile phone(s) with Nokia and participating in our Recycle a Phone, Adopt a Tree program.
    We are pleased to advise you the coordinates of the tree we will be planting on your behalf:
    Seeing your tree in Google Earth is really easy. If you already have Google Earth installed on your computer, skip step 1 and go directly to step 2. If you don’t have Google Earth (or aren’t sure)...

    1. Download Google Earth here:

    2. Once you have Google Earth installed, save the attached file “NokiaTakeBackNL.kmz” to your desktop.

    3. For easy reference, attached are step by step instructions how to go about viewing your tree(s).

    Thank you again for participating in this program to help conserve the world’s forests.

    For more information about this NEWtrees program please click on this website


with best regards
Nellie Abdullah

So here is my tree as viewed on Google Earth.

I have also send in my Nokia E50 for repairing.. After 1 month, the repair done with RM138.00 cost and 1 free gift from Nokia. The Nokia thermos water case.

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