Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lost in translation?

I am must disappointed with Sin Chew Jit Poh whenever they come out with technology and telecommunication news.

Look at this news on MNP which published on Nov 11, 2008 on page 16 the main section.

The title is "Dial to Inter-network numbers, MNP users may need to pay higher charges"

The story is as below :

MNP users might pay higher call charges to numbers outside his network without his knowledge as reported by <>.

"This is because users are not aware of of the dialed number has been changed to another operator"

"Call within network usually is cheaper than call to another network"

Postpaid users of DiGi Value Plus50 Plan, pay RM0.12 per minute within network and RM0.18 inter-networks; Celcom XPAX prepaid users pay RM0.35 per minute within network and RM0.45 inter-networks.

..... ....

Well well well, Sinchew has once again lost in translation... DiGi has never has Value Plus50 Plan but Maxis do. So the disadvantage is on Maxis and not DiGi users.

And this article (earlier was written by TheStar reporter and published on TheStar on Nov 10, 2008), is bias and has not done with any market survey.

This article is further mislead readers.. Hope Sinchew realise about it and correct it.

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