Monday, August 25, 2008

A Grain of Truth or a Bunch of Lies?

by The Rev O.Young
Translated by Felix Liew

The Permatang Pauh by-election can be likened to a mirror reflecting the true character of some politicians. Their double dealing in saying one thing to one party but something else to another could not have been more obvious to the eye of the public. Apparently, underlying their whitewashed cloak of self-importance is nothing but prejudice, imbecility, cowardice, sloppiness, and narrow-mindedness.

Malaysiakini reported on its website ( that Barisan Nasional in its election campaign had the audacity to distribute Umno propaganda flyers laden with racial slurs. When asked by the press what he thought of the issue, MCA's Ong Ka Chuan refused to comment on the pretext that the flyers in question did not bear the official logo of the BN. Can you believe it? No comments were given on grounds of ambiguity in regard to who the real publishers were!

Racism is still racism no matter who started it. Garbage must be called by its right name irrespective of its origin. That is a simple truth. How could such racist remarks be deemed acceptable the moment it came out of the mouth of Umno? How could the line between right and wrong be blurred just because someone had no clue as to who was responsible for saying or penning such rubbish?
If truth be told, their refusal to comment is actually a sign of cowardice and total disrespect for principles! They have no guts to stand up for the truth. So they resort to double dealing, saying one thing to one party but quite another to somebody else without regard to its truthfulness or the lack of it. To maintain their status quo and stay out of trouble, they would rather sacrifice integrity than ease and comfort at hand. Malaysia has no shortage of such fickle politicians who are too quick to bow to the powers that be and go with the flow. If we allow such cowardly mediocrities to lead the nation, the ruling party and even the whole country will fall apart in no time!

You see, it is not without reason I pointed out that the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) is a political party of low standards, as we shall see. When the Democratic Action Party (DAP) joined hands with Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS), the MCA leaders saw the former as ganging up with the latter to turn the country into an Islamic state governed by the Syariah law. But the moment top leaders of the country made a remark to the effect that Malaysia was in fact an Islamic nation, how many of the top leaders in MCA had dared to even make their voice heard?

That's why I said what I did. No matter what you call it, low standards remain the same. MCA has reached a point where its leaders have become totally oblivious to the voice of conscience. It was thought that the outcome of the general election of March 8 would have led the party to a serious soul searching and to consequently revamp their ranks in a revolutionary feat; but judging by the words and acts of those in power, it certainly looks like it has yet a long way to go. MCA fell far short of expectations, which turned out to be nothing but daydreams after all!


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  2. As a citizen, we have to smart abt all these politic game. Both side also have their agenda.

    I truly wish we don't end up like the story in "animal farm", stupidity and simple heart really killed. Just like Raja Petra.