Wednesday, March 05, 2008

马来西亚全国罪案 四年来飙升45% Malaysia crime rate increase 45% in 4 years!



Mediacorp report, Malaysia nationwide crime rate increases 45% from 156,000 cases at year 2003, upto 224,000 cases at year 2007.
Although the government has improved public security measurement, but some residents thought it's insufficiently.


Malaysia's public security question is concerns by the locals. In past four years, serious criminal cases rise dramatically, at least 2 times the rise of collective robbery. There are many shoppers and diners at Skudai, Johore, the locals hope public security can be further improved.

一名小贩说,“尤其是礼拜天我们这边很多新加坡顾客,人家坐在这边吃东西,都有人打他车镜,抢东西偷东西 你说治安好吗?”

A hawker said "There are many Singaporean being robbed, do you think it's any better?"


The public security continues to be an issue of the upcoming election. Candidates expressed will strive for more resources, will improve the Southern Johore situation and attracts more investors and tourists.

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