Monday, February 25, 2008

为什么要投反对党? Why has to elect the opposition party?


Why has to elect the opposition party?


Reason very simple, is must establish two systems, must let the incumbent party receive the effective system graduated arm, does not let them be lawless.


Look at the present bad society order, conspiracy, controlled media, all is in does not have the opposition party system graduated arm, under the MCA & PGRM vigorously support to pass. Only the people to be the victim.


Please don't allow BN 2/3 parliment seats control!


If no longer lets the opposition party go to the system to weigh Congress, Malaysia will be in the making of an Islamic country.


Let alone who is good who not to be good, it seems to me is the speculum. Government without a weighting system can be a nightmare.


It doesn't matter who be the government so long as there is an effective system graduated arm.



Asked the people perhaps the government lead coquettishly? Looks at the present!

Please vote wisely....

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  1. BN will still be the government after this election but we need a stronger opposition to check and balance. Thats why I give my support to the opposition even though I am a government servant.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.