Monday, January 21, 2008

‘Live’ strip tease on 8TV

CALL it enthusiasm but the head of 8TV station was not amused when a singer started taking off his clothes during a live show.

Harian Metro reported that One In A Million contestant Faizal Tahir created controversy when he took off his jacket, singlet and belt before throwing them to the audience of about 8,000 people.

He was among several singers invited to perform at Bandar Utama on Sunday night to celebrate the station's fourth anniversary.

8TV chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar viewed the incident as a serious matter.

“I’m shocked. We will meet him soon to seek an explanation,” he said.

“All performers are well aware of the guidelines for shows or concerts shown live on TV.”

Punishment is 8TV is prohibited to telecast any LIVE entertainment events for 3 months. Faizal Tahir's loyalty and salary will be hang until further notice..

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