Monday, January 21, 2008

Heroes Marathon

The last weekend was a bit of tiring for me. I have done 2 things over it.
- Chinese New Year shopping (plus routine grocery shopping),
- Watch HEROES season 1 marathon non-stop for 23 episodes over StarWorld.

Was visited The Stores & Carrefour Seri Petaling for some chinese styles clothes shopping. However there are lots of food that I couldn't really stop my hands to pick it to my shopping bags.. End up no clothes being bought but with bags of grocery and food...

(I guess I must get rip of this little fat tummy at gym but food is nice and tasty in .. so who cares the exercise and calories? haha)

Then on Sunday, went to The Midvalley, visited Isetan, Jusco, Romp, Labelsz, Metrojaya... only manage to find a decent designer t-shirt at Metrojaya's brand... 50% discount cost RM35.. Not bad it is.

At night and afternoon which I stayed home, Starworld is my only company. I have finally managed to catch piece and pieces of the acclaimed HEROES...

Now only I get what is this famous episode all about...

Can't wait till season 2 which start to be show over Starworld this Tuesday night...

Another to watch out is The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 finale over mid February... since the Pinoy bitch-US black couples has out..I think the series is much quiet now! I wish!

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