Monday, June 27, 2011

An Interesting conversation

wanan try relationship or sex...

guide me

我已经29岁, 退休了, 不再和 plu 联络了, 全部都不是什么好料, 也没上网谈天, 没约会任何人... 当我修行提升到了某个阶段, 突然我觉得我看透了一些, 观察到 plu 很不真实, 一直上演狡猾的悲剧, 我已经"演"过了各种角色, 什么都试过了... 现在我就像站在舞台上面看着台下的人在演戏... 你还玩不够吗?
我已经不再追求爱情或sex, 已经很久没和人sex了...当你真的抛弃欲望和寂寞的时候, 你就会觉得非常平静快乐, 不是那种短暂虚假而且心灵有可能受创伤的快乐...
我找到了真正的幸福, i found TRUELOVE... 原来truelove 不是别人, 是自己! 当你看清楚自己的灵魂, 发现它是完整的个体, 你才算真正地会爱自己...不是嘴巴说说爱自己而已... 只有以为自己的灵魂是"残缺"的人, 觉得自己只有 "一半" 而已的人, 才会寻寻觅觅 "另一半"...
祝福你, 不再掉入情感的陷阱...

then u shouldn't have seen my msg to you and replied my msg here. You should have deleted your profile on fridae and anything related to gay.. you still in denial. I never trust people so fake to himself. If you have exited, please deleted this profile and stop seducing people by showing body and cock.
A few years ago, we chatted, now, after a few years, i read again your same profile comment, i have different feeling...what u said is true, still true after many years...
but i still can't accept these 3 things:
i rather dont want a bf who will always 看別的男孩 and definitely will immediately break up with him if he 偷食... happened to me...i think if a bf 偷食, it means it is an end to the relationship, he doesnt love anymore, he doesnt care the 偷食 will hurt u, so better break up... he doesnt "dare" to say the break up word because i dont do wrong, so he purposely does the 偷食 and let me say the break up...
ah, whatever, never mind.

I think most importantly is to learn to live happily as alone...当你不能享受孤寂,你决定无路可去...

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