Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Buy underwear and save the wild life

Lately my friend introduced to me this online shop that sell inner garments. The shop (business owner) physically located at Penang, but only available online and free delivery via ordinary Pos Malaysia parcel service to any part of the country and to the world too.

Have an reply from the business owner, that RM4 from each item purchased will be donated to WWF Malaysia, besides it's yearly committed donation to WWF Malaysia.

Well, browse through the online shop and found all the products are made from earth friendly materials and designed in 3 concepts, namely Earth, Sea and Tree series.

Immediately purchased 2 Sea series Maldiva Classics underwears (100% Organic Cotton Rib) and 1 Tree series Kinabalu Racer singlet (95% Viscose 5% Spandex).

Payment by

Goods arrived few days later.

I was impressed by the product packaging, which is closely guided by the eco-philosophy of 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Extract from their web: "First, the boxes for the innerwear are smaller than the average innerwear box. The reduction in size means less material is required to produce the box.

Second, the box is designed in such a way that it can serve multiple uses. For example, it can function as a coin box or multipurpose box, and some of its parts can be turned into a postcard or bookmark.

Third, we use recycled materials to produce the box and the whole box is recyclable. These innovative box features help us fulfill the three R’s. But we didn’t stop there. We insist that the ink used in printing must be eco-friendly. We eventually decided on soy ink. Naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), soy ink is widely recognised as the potential solution to the environmental health & safety concerns of the printing industry. The result: an eco-box that is very friendly to the environment."

So guys, what to wait further? Help the future earth by wearing green.....


  1. Hi Vincent,
    Really appreciate your kind comments on Nukleus. As a matter of fact, we contribute RM4/- per item purchased (not RM2/-) via to WWF-Malaysia. In your case, since you bought 2 items, you hv made a contribution of RM8/- to WWF-Malaysia. This money will go towards supporting WWF's conservation work. Well done, my friend! Sincerely, Doreen (Nukleus)

  2. Hi there.

    My name is Colin. And I am a Nukleus Maldiva Classics fan also!

    Bought 1 box at first. Tried them. Fell in love with them! Then bought 2 more boxes. Completely satisfied thus far.

    The great thing is, my wife loves them too! In fact, she loves them so much that she asked me to email the Nukleus people to see whether they intend to develop products for women. They came back saying that they might. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

    More importantly, I wish to commend you for doing a good thing. Nukleus is a brand that deserves recognition for its contribution towards green living and environmental conservation. I’m glad that you’re doing something for the brand. (And you may have inspired this lazy bum to do something about it too!)


    P.S. I am thinking of trying the Earth Series Borneo boxers next. You know anyone who has tried them? If you do, please let me know what they think of them. Thanks.

  3. Hi Colin,

    Thanks for support and I am definitely a fan of Nukleus wear. I have not try Earth Series Borbeo Boxer, but it looks nice. Maybe that will be my 3rd items... :-)

    I wore the nukleus yesterday, oh its so comfort.. and i beg every women will love a nukleus man.. :-)

  4. Hi, Vincent.

    If you buy the Borneo boxers and like them, please let me know.



  5. You can find it at Robinson Mid-valley now.... Just bought the Borneo Contours... Love it, especially the material.

  6. Hello, Anonymous.

    Many thanks for the info.

    Been very busy for the past few weeks. Haven't had time to check this blog. Until today. And I'm glad I did.

    Based on your comments, I think I'll buy myself a pair of Borneo Contours.



  7. Colin,

    Let me know if you can buy it from Robinson at MV.


  8. Hi Vincent,
    Yes we are now available at Robinsons the Garden. We are also currently having a roadshow at Parkson KLCC, 1st floor, beside Timberland. Do pay us a visit there! Regards, Doreen (Nukleus)

  9. Hi Vincent. Sorry about the late response. Been busy. I don't live in KL, so don't know the answer to your question.

  10. I see that Nukleus has answered your question. (Wasn't paying enough attention just now.) You're lucky to have a Nukleus store near you!

  11. If buy online,how they all send the item???
    All put into a big box and send???
    Or each in individual poslaju bags???