Tuesday, November 10, 2009

P1 Boosts Brand Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 10 Nov (TechDaily) - The decision has been confirmed; Packet One Networks (Malaysia) CEO, Michael Lai is now a member of the WiMAX Forum Board of Directors (BOD). What this means for the industry is that for the first time ever, Malaysia is being seen as a key player in the future of 4G Wireless broadband.

"This appointment is not just for P1, it is for Malaysia and the region. We are extremely proud to be able to represent our country and our region in shaping the future of the 4G world. This is truly an opportunity for us to realise our vision of Broadband for All.” said Michael Lai.

This recent honour means that P1 is the first and only Malaysian representative on the board as well as the first and only representation for the region in shaping the future of WiMAX and 4G. The appointment also cements P1’s 4G WiMAX leadership role within the region. It also crystallises the WiMAX world’s confidence in P1’s capabilities as a leader in the development and deployment of next generation wireless technology.

With this appointment, Malaysia has also confirmed herself as a key regional and global WiMAX hub in speeding up the proliferation and evolution of broadband and beyond.

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