Thursday, August 20, 2009

TM iTalk Mobile Dialer

TM iTalk once again have developed iTalk Mobile dialer beside the thin film based iTalk Mobile.

iTalk Mobile is an earlier version where special thin film required to be inserted together with SIM card. However, Italk Mobile Dialer is software based where no special hardware required. Further iTalk Mobile will be available in particular for non Italk Mobile Dialer compatible phones.

In principal Italk Mobile Dialer is not mobile phone model dependence, instead it is compatible with what type of Operating System (OS) run on that mobile phone. Currently Italk Mobile Dialer supported under Windows Mobile 5 and above, Symbian/S60 version 3 and above and Blackberry version 4.2 and above.

There are 3 options available for you to get Italk Mobile Dialer:
  1. Website – go to>personal->card services->iTalk->Italk Mobile Dialer->click on the link and press “Download” or directly type, select application that is suitable to your mobile phone and follow the rest of the instructions.
  1. Mobile phone – click mobile browser and type ( OR // on your mobile web micro browser. Follow the instructions to install.
  1. SMS - Type in italk on your mobile phone text message and send the SMS to 33199. You will receive a free text message containing a URL link. Press on URL link and follow the instructions to install.
more information on

Currently TM is giving RM5 free credit for use for every new mobile number. So be hurry.

(note: Those mobile numbers that have been associated with an i-Talk account will NOT work, thus please de-associate it if you want to use this mechanism. Call 1800873535 from TM fix line to de-activate the associated numbers. However you will lost the association call back from the particular iTalk account).

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