Friday, August 28, 2009

My painful experience with Tunetalk

I got my Tunetalk starter pack from 99Speedmart. You will need to register on a form and pay for the un-numbered starter simcard which look like this.

The other side of the simcard beared 99Speedmart advertisement (now, this is how tunetalk making money from advertising, method no. 1)

It cost me RM4.90.

The store keeper will register yr NRIC with the simcard ID by using their mobilephone. Then your account is in pending active mode. Please bear in mind that the simcard has to be start to use (activate) within 14 days from registeration date. Else it will deem invalid.

Insert simcard to a GSM phone (3G phone is not needed as Tunetalk only work on Celcom 2G network). Then you need to select your number as it's a un-numbered starter pack (similar to DiGi un-numbered starter pack). Dial *100# and press SEND. Tunetalk will send you a mobile number.

Select "Accept" to make it your permanent number or select "Reject" and you will be sent another number.

If you are not happy with the second number sent, select "reject". Enter your last 4 preferred digits, and Tunetalk will send you the closest match.

This will be your permanent number unless you login to to select another number, free of charge, within 48 hours. Take note of the temporary password which you will receive for your online self-care account. (This is where I got stucked!! Where is the temporarily password? Did I missed it? No sms is been sent to me?! and where to get help?)

Secondly, the caller that call to your new tunetalk number will have to listen to 10 seconds advertisement before the call being connected. This will waste your caller credit and cost money. (How Tunetalk make money for 2nd time from you).

Then at every end of call, you will be prompted with promotional message (How Tunetalk make money for 3rd time from you).

Then the call is RM0.22 per minute and in 60 seconds per block. Even 1 second call will cost you RM0.22. This is like blood sucking! (Again Tunetalk make real money from you)!

So do you see the point?

It's not worth to get Tunetalk at all, unless they have implemented roaming in local number at Asean countries. Else, just forget Tunetalk!

Do you know that you need to pay for the voicemail (per minute charge RM0.22 per min) for caller to leave voicemail?

And you have no way to disable the voicemail service. Imagine no customer service number to call but just live help! (even HAPPY also has it's CS number although it's chargeable service) Gosh!

Gosh, I just discovered it. What is the rational behind? It's Money Sucker than the Hotlink... Another RED MONSTER!


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  2. hey buddy.... love u man... thanks alot for this post... i was looking how to activate my new tune talk sim.... at last i got it when i looked at ur blog... thanks dude..

  3. hi anonymous,

    glad to know that the blog help u.. btw, u can disable the voicemail, just by diactivate the DIVERT CALL on your phone.. Tunetalk voicemail is actually just DIVERT function to mailbox... I discovered it on day 2 use the tunetalk.

    Hi Benjie,

    u r free to add me on your blog. :-)

  4. Dude .. Do you know how to deactivate the pop messages which comes up every 15 mins ? It sucks !!!

  5. How can i disable voicemail ?

  6. Thx bro really help me..I'm going to burn this sim hahaha