Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not HAPPY after all

Before Jan 22, 2009, there is HAPPY time... you can chat and chat for up to 45 mins to any numbers nationwide for just less than a price to pay for a teh ais (iced tea) from mamak.

SMS is just RM0.10 to any numbers. The cheaper during their launch on December 2007, which set the benchmark for the current DiGi, I Like Prepaid sms rate.

After Jan 22, 2009 (which just one day after Barrack Obama inauguration as the new US President and few days before hinese New Year), there is less HAPPY time...

No More RM0.99 for 45 mins call to any network, anytime... but RM0.99 for just 15 mins call to any network... a 200% increase of pricing.

For short chat, it's now RM0.33 per mins instead of RM0.01 per second. That's not just mean you will be charged for less now as compared to RM0.60 on 60 seconds (1 min) on old rate, but it's means now you are charged based on per minute instead of per second! Another bummer?

Talk about good news, there is still RM0.99 for 45 mins, but only during 9am to 5pm and only to HAPPY numbers... how to know it's HAPPY number? Unless it's your girlfriend or family who you bought Happy numbers for them...


HAPPY - from a generous anytime, anywhere, 1 rate to many rates, specify time and specify numbers to a stingy operator like Hotlink Maxis.. one can predict HAPPY is suffering big loss in term of business revenue and operate in RED. Luckily it's under DiGi cost, else they will close shop like Virgin Mobile venture at Singapore as MNP many years ago.

Also one can see Happy lowest call rate is RM0.33 which their parent company DiGi is trying hard to maintain the lowest call rate as to avoid prepaid price war with others! (Refer to my early post).

Not so HAPPY after all!

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