Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bad Experience With U Mobile

Was visiting U Mobile customer service at Sunway Pyramid. Interested on the recent phone bundle postpaid packages - Samsung Z170 with U38 plan. Pay RM240 + 1st month U38 plan fee on registration.

Asked the staff who wear U Mobile shirt, believed is dealer on the phone bundle offer. He was then happily showing me the list of numbers. Not bad the list of numbers. With double same digits. So I selected one and handed over my IC for registration.

To my disappointment, those numbers are reserved for U98 plan. Okay, then i was handled with a non-so-good numbers list.

Okay lo, finally I chose one as not much selection left. I handled my IC to him and he started to filled the form for me. I then asked if I had to pay by cash or credit card? He then said "ohh... u into what plan?". I said U38.. He then said you can't activate now and there is no phone for me!

I was curious as everyone on new registration there was given new phone either Samsung Z170 or J200. He said all phones for U38 plan have out of stock but have the stock for U68 or U98 although are same phones! (!!!???)

He told me I have to come 2 days later for line activation and receive phone.. I asked isn;t it same that all can be done on the spot like other telcos? He said U38 case different.. not allocated..

I didn't want to make second trip and earlier on the day I went to Times Square and the U Mobile Center dealer was differently said. They even registered me on the spot and deliver the phone. It was like hot cake there and many were queued up. I was actually to register there but unfortunately they accept cash only and I was low on it. All ATMs at Times Square were either offline (no cash) or either in maintenance (Maybank kiosk both cash machines are out..imgine at 3pm only on weekday).

I then alked over to the service counters where U Mobile staffs are in duty. I asked if thats the case. She, a lady on duty then told me they only accept registration of U98 plan. They never cared of U38 or U68 plans.

I ended up walked out from U Mobile and frastructed and never wanted to get the service.

This is how U Mobile lost his potential customers...

I beg that are many cases like mine... I guess there is a scam between dealer and U Mobile staff as they only accept U98 registration whereby the dealer will get higher margin and commission and channeled some to the staff..

You will never get this on DiGi, Maxis and Celcom... I believe..


  1. I don't give a damn thing about u mobile. What so great about it? Digi, Maxis and Celcom are much better than U Mobile. Just forget about U Mobile!

  2. Seriously dude, you need to find yourself some really good English classes.