Wednesday, November 05, 2008


1) We have the largest mobile community
The truth: Will it matter after MNP?

2) We have the best postpaid plan
The truth: Maxis charge higher to call and sms to other networks. They don't implement one flat rate like Celcom, Digi and U Mobile.
After MNP, it's hard to determine prefix 012/017 is Maxis or not. End up have to pay Maxis higher rate! Consumer is the loser.

3) We offer the widest International Roaming network.
The truth: Is this relevant?

4) Reach anyone anywhere
The truth: Maxis still struggle on 3G coverage. Ironically, 3G coverage is bad on KLCC Suria even Maxis tower is his neighbor.

5) We offer the best family plan
The truth: Maxis do limit free call and sms between principle line and sub lines. DiGi offer unlimited hours. Even without family plan, DiGi give free friend&family 6 frequent numbers favourite rates, whereby Maxis charge RM8 monthly. Maxis money sucking, right?

6) We have the most value-for-money prepaid plan
The truth: Hotlink blinds consumers saying rate of RM0.33 call rate, but only after RM30 per month top up. Further the rate is now 60 seconds per block. Lost RM0.33 even 1 second call time.

7) We have great customer service
The truth: No free call to Hotlink customer service. Tons of junk sms bomb!

8) We are the leader in data service
The truth: Their network is often problematic with Maxis Wireless Broadband. Tons of complaints and subscribers exit.
They have the most expensive mobile data plan around. RM99 per month versus DiGi RM66 only.

9) We are a solid brand with a solid reputation
The truth: yeah, the reputation of a most expensive service charge and remain a suck up company for years

10) Switching to Maxis is so easy
The truth: DiGi offer free door delivery. Maxis need switcher to step to their centers. Exit from Maxis is easier!!!

See my points?


  1. Both of my brother and sister (were very long time Maxis users) have switched to Digi. Several of my friends who used to be Maxis user have also switched to Celcom and Digi... I am sure Maxis will lose easily

  2. yah... i heard Maxis still proud proud of their UMBER 1 PLACE... I wish to see they fall..not that I anti them but they are the most expensive..

    Do u agree with my top 10 reasons?

  3. Yeah... they are funny but i absolutely agree with them... =) U r quite creative, man!

  4. I have been using Maxis for 8 years!

    I've switched to Digi too!

  5. Yow Chuan, good for you... welcome to the family..

  6. Celcom isn't exactly flat rate, at least not for their Prepaid service (not sure about postpaid). They still charge absed on area - adjacent and non-adjacent area charges are still existent, as much as RM 2.70 a minute!

  7. hi anoynous,

    yes that right I knew Celcom Xpax is the most expensive prepaid pack around..not only voice so expensive but sms too.. Sms to off net is rm0.20! and sms to oversea is RM0.50! whereby other is just RM0.20. Their MMS still RM0.35 on net where Digi as low as RM0.20.

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