Saturday, November 08, 2008


I found the 11th reason say NO to Maxis..

11) MAXIS IDD rate is not attractive than DiGi & Celcom.
DiGi provide seamless Direct Dial IDD with the usual 00 or + prefix followed by the number, whereby Maxis will charge you full (skyhigh) rate if you dial like this. You can only enjoy the so-called lower (but not as low as DiGi and Celcom) rate using IDD132... Isn't troublesome?


Since competetion is high, they are not reacting... I think their new CEO from India is sleeping cause still not familiar with Malaysia Time (UTC+8) but UTC+5.5. Haha!!

Hmm.. Should I do a WHY CELCOM since they have 51 reasons? Ok also...but is there anyone out there able to fully load up Celcom website on a glimpse? I wonder why Celcom that stupid to fully flash their website... Maybe Celcom users are those who live in th cave and only require Celcom signal for call voice but not Internet literalled... Correct me if I am wrong..

TM group loves flash.. I-Talk website also full flash! Idiot.

Below is the comparison rate of IDD original from mobile network. You can see Maxis is the most expensive.

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  1. Oh man, i absolutely agree with you. Celcom website is the worst among all the telco's. Why they make it 100% flash? Not convenience at all.. Maxis and Digi websites are great, user friendly and visitors can browse there at ease..