Friday, October 24, 2008

UMobile And It’s So Called Glory

This is the story about another telco player in Malaysia. Do you know Vincent Tan? He is successfully buying big businesses and continue running the business and make a good profit out of it.

Try looking at another perspective. Berjaya Holdings Berhad, as the holding company owned the UMobile Sdn Bhd(or whatever you want to call it) formerly known as MiTV Sdn Bhd. Berjaya owned the Times Square. So try seeing at the other perspective. How about the Times Square, is it success? From the bird’s eye on daily life, you can clearly see Berjaya Times Square is not a big success. Why? Ask Vincent about it.

Do You Trust in Umobile?

If me, I don’t trust the brand as it’s very new. I love history and I would learn from it. According to the business model introduced by Berjaya or Vincent, this business will go down later on. I don’t simply said but this is the truth that I collected from other blogs too. (It’s a public domain material).

Kuala Lumpur – U Mobile, Malaysia’s newest 3G service provider today announced that it has just broke the 100,000 subscribers mark spurred on by positive consumer response to its recently launched prepaid and postpaid plans earlier this month.

Congratulations U Mobile as you hit the 100,000 subscribers. But to achieve that kind of statistic is not that hard. You don’t have to be the best telco with the best services. The secret lies beneath is about the “FREE SIMCARD” “INSTANT ACTIVATION”.

Quick Recap On U Mobile Rates

Prepaid : RM0.48 sen/minute

Postpaid : From RM0.12 sen/minute

So better stick with your current provider either Digi, Maxis or Celcom. I do hope that UMobile release their raya commercials too if they wanted to fight head to head with their super competitor. Anyway, if you have anything that dissapoint you about uMobile, please share it here. Adios

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