Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Vote the Opposition!

Voting the opposition doesn't mean we are anti-government or we do not love this country!

Because: We love this country, we NEED to stand up and ensure this country is not run by these hypocrites and thieves, stealing and wasting government resources FREELY with unlimited control!

Recently, MCA keep on saying , "Again, we managed to "fight" for another xx millions for xx Chinese schools…"

SILLY!! What do they mean by "fight"? Don't you think it should be their jobs??? Why "fight"? It should be their duty!! It is our right.

Do the Malays need to fight for their mosques and schools?? Absolutely No, Umno spends Chinese/Indian tax money to build mosques like no body’s business, build malay schools ahead of demand & etc..

You can see (eye-sore) big luxury germ stone/crystal mosques in every taman, adding mosques/surau in every new & old malay medium schools even in deeply remote kampong but none temple & church at all in city or rubber estates.

Don't you think they are just like dogs around the master's table…barking till their throats drop.. then they will get a bone tagged with pcs of skin ….And they "shout" to the whole world…. They
managed to "fight" for something…………!!! How Pathetic…!

Answer is :- they are too weak in BN!! They have to beg and fight..!!

BN wants to win…NO, UMNO wants to win! They need some "running dogs"…..they throw some bones out…..so that these dogs can share the "good"news..!

Yes, Shouldn't blame the Malays………..!!

We, Chinese and Indians are to be blamed as we "willingly" :

- surrender our rights to them…(as how Koh Tsu Koon surrendered the right to name his successor by submitting 3 names for UMNO to decide Penang's next Chief Minister)
- surrender our children's education's opportunities to them
- surrender our dignities to them (even they have asked us to leave Malaysia for hundred times….still our MCA ppl keep quiet like dogs..)
- surrender our 30% shares and much more with the NEP….for so many years..
- surrender our future in this country……..

What do we care? Tomorrow still can eat pork or not? Can "yam seng" or not?

Is that what we care about only?

What make us feel that if the BN can't get the 2/3, then we don't have pork to eat?

WHO always "remind" us that if BN can't get 2/3, there will be May 13?

You still want to be threatened??

Still remember that I read an article from PAS:-

UMNO, please don't threaten our Chinese friends again with the old tricks :- MAY 13 issue…

Listen, before you touch our Chinese friends, you have to walk pass our dead body 1st..
We won't let you harm them….!!

I'm touched!. I believe our poor Malay friends have seen the TRUE UGLY faces from their leaders!! They know well…30% or even 90% shares given to BUMI…won't benefit them at all…except those cronies in UMNO….

A lot of them have woke up………are you still asleep!??

Can you still don't bother???

WAKE UP!!!!!

Me too, love this country…do u??

SPREAD THE MAILS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Do you want to send our country to outer space just like they sent the ass-hole on the space taxi ride?


I'm not a politician but I wish you read, think and decide on action "we" need to do, UNITE and FIGHT for our RIGHTS for us and our children's future.

1) We always blame the government is fully controlled by Bumi or to be précise, UMNO.

We are 2nd or even 3rd grade citizens….Suka-suka asked you all to go back to India or China. (Illegal Indonesians are first class citizens, same class as bumis)
Don't think we need to further illustrate how and where "we" have been discriminated (but they never admit they have…). Think of it, who gave them the "ABSOLUTE" power and authority? Who made them formed the 2/3 government?
It's your vote which made all this happened!!!

2) Over the 50 years of Independence, asked yourselves as Indians and Chinese….

ARE WE BETTER OFF IN OUR RIGHTS??? Or loosing it day by day???

Have you heard of giving 30% shares of our own companies to them 50 years ago??

Have you heard of the hoo-haa of Halal issues in 50 years ago? (now, they want you to sell pork hidden at the back of the tinted glass and packed it in black plastic bags..... this was the directive
from the Sungai Petani local council)

Have you heard about it………

Think carefully……one by one…..are we loosing our rights?? Giving in…and giving in….right?
They always, even our "puppet" MIC and MCA leaders threaten us of MAY 13….So, what are these "puppets" doing in MCA and MIC????

Wake up, my dear friends…wake up….I beg you!!

I'm not anti government but I think we need a REAL strong opposition to monitor and safeguard the Rights for the nation, the properties and finance of our country and also REALLY peaceful and safe country to stay and grow.

We don't want these bunch of "hooligans" and "brainless" UMNO leaders to lead this country by making sure their personal account is packed with $$first....then only the country. (All ruling
parties have their hooligans and gangsters to bash up those who question and scrutinise their leaders)

PUT IT THIS WAY... THESE BUNCH OF MONKEYS… Seriously, do you think they can lead the nations???

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