Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jewel of Tibets

Have caught the show yesterday... disappointed...

beside the colourful ward drove, nothing spectacular of the show... only 1 nice song....

This is a musical extravaganza about the story of Princess Wen Cheng's journey from China to Tibet more than a thousand years ago to marry King Songsten Gampo. Crossing deserts, hailstorms, and snow-capped mountains, she brought the peaceful teachings of Buddhism to Tibet. With her gentleness, wisdom and compassion, she captured the hearts of many in the land of snows. And she has left behind her legacy in the world famous Potala Palace in Lhasa.

Jewel of Tibet, a tribute to Princess Wen Chang, comprises of 150 minutes of original music, dance, and stage extravaganza. It is a spectacular million Ringgit creation by Musical On Stage Productions, the same creative team behind the internationally acclaimed Siddhartha The Musical and Above Full Moon The Musical, which includes director Ho Lin Huay and composer Imee Ooi and stars a talented cast from the pop music, classical music and dance scenes.

From the majestic Tang Dynasty to the vast mystical land of Tibet, Jewel of Tibet artistically depicts a historical epic with enchanting music and songs, intricate dance movements, spectacular scene change, backdrops and props, and over 200 sets of newly designed colorful ethnic costumes from traditional Tang Dynasty and Tibet.

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