Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Combi Bankcard, Debit Mastercard and Paypass

EON Bank Group unveiled the world's first EMV compliant Debit MasterCard equipped with MasterCard PayPass contactless payment solution. The EON Bank Group Combi Debit MasterCard card is new payment program, the first in the world, encompassing debit, contactless, EMV and ATM functionalities.

I just applied and received card on the spot last Monday although it's unembossed.. (the only bank has embossed machine is AlRajhi Bank, even at their branches).

It has Mastercard, Paypass logo on front as Mastercard standard and MEPS Bankcard logo on back, meaning it can be accepted over MEPS ATM (saving on ATM withdrawal fee using MEPS rather than Cirrus network).

It's link to Eonbank saving and current account.

I have yet to try the Paypass although it's my reason to get it.

You can get from any Eonbank by paying Rm20 yearly fee deducted from your Eonbank account.

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