Thursday, January 03, 2008

Standard Chartered eSaver Account

Read from newspaper that Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia has a new saving account called eSaver Account which offer higher interests, no minimum balance, fees and lock-up period. The most attractive is the 7% rebate on petrol purchase which is transact with the ATM cum Mastercard Debit card offered with the account.

So without much doubt and consideration, I quickly went to the Puchong branch to open the account.

The branch is the smallest Standard Chartered I even visit and from far, you cant really determine it's a well known international bank, located just beside the main street of Bandar Puteri, Puchong, opposite of Citibank, Alrajhi Bank and Giant.

The interior is so pack inside as it has 6 ATM & deposit machines.

No place for visitors to wait for their turn for Customer Service / Front Office counter too. I guess it's the smallest if compared with all the other int'l bank located across Puchong such as UOB, Citibank, HSBC, Alrajhi Bank.

My turn then, the officer (a guy) is so busy and have no smiling face to greet me. But thats ok since I am only deal with officer at first time when account opening or any other matters when the machines are too machinery to deal with.

I finally open my eSaver account and being advise to either get the Debit MasterCard cum ATM to be collected at branch (without embossed) or receive from HQ (embossed). I selected on the latter.

Guess what, I opened my account on Nov 29, 2007 and till now still yet to receive my Debit Mastercard. The promotion of petrol purchase rebate is only till end Feb 2008!

So I decided to call up their CS number on 1300888888 and query. Unfortunately I being told 3 different stories on 3 occasions. What a international renowned bank!

Yesterday I called again and decided if I still yet to receive the real answer and outcome, I will have to cancel my account cause no need for the bank to withhold my money.

Luckily one male officer has answered my query and apologized for the delay as they are in the much first stage to produce Debit Mastercard (if competed with their experience in Visa electron which is their defactor ATM cards for all other accounts). They only received the first batch of Debit Mastercard from vendor on end of Decemeber and now rushing to emboss and send the card out to account holder in mail.

He advised me to wait till this Saturday to get it, or else to request again.

I am really disappointed with Standard Chartered Bank services.

on New Year eve Dec 31, I have also apply for a personal current account from Alrajhi Bank Bandar Puteri Puchong and pleasant experienced. I will post in on my next post. :-)

Happy new Year.

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