Friday, January 11, 2008

The Most Useless Card

Was doing housekeeping of my documents and belongings on yesterday morning.

Took out all those cards and cards that I used to keep although after it's expiry date. Since I have some credit cards since way back 1995, those days, those cards were yet EMV chip ready. Those, it's classic to has a view what those decent cards look like.

Then this little blue card caught my attention and it's Maxis One Club Card. I was awarded it during times when my Maxis mobile phone bills was RM150-200. One can't apply the card but to be awarded once you are so called qualify. Owing the cards make ones feel proud.

However due to competition and Maxis's ego, they had been forced to lower their charges to match the competitor (haha, Thanks DiGi else Maxis would have sucked all our hard earn moneys!). My bills had tremendously reduce to between RM50-RM70 (I love DiGi for that and has been their subscriber even since).

Maxis then revoked my membership of their so called One Club.

I never take advantage and feel being honor to be One Club member and has never tried their services. Not even purchase any concert tickets and movie day.

The card is the most USELESS in my wallet which at least those Esso Card, Bonuslink have at least earn me some points.. so it's POINTLESS to has Maxis One Club card.

DiGi has no discrimination but to give goodness like vouchers and free F1 tickets to me a;l the while although I am not a big income contributor to them.

So, so long to Maxis One Club and I might farewell to Maxis when the MNP era come on 2Q this year.

Maxis, are you guys sleeping? Still think you are the number 1? You are Anadakonda (Ananda Krisna).. that suck our moneys!

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  1. hi,
    firstly thank for visiting my blog and leaving your comment which is helpful.

    secondly, I collect all kinds of cards as a hobby. So, if you don't want that one card. give it to me. LOL.