Tuesday, January 29, 2008

80s rules!

"I Heard A Rumour" that Bananarama, Johnny Hates Jazz, Limahl, Howard Jones & Paul Young are coming to town for the Asia Here & Now Tours 2008 (Best of 80s)!

Well, those who are unfamiliar with those names above, probably are either still in their 20s now, never listen to Mix FM & Light FM or rather victim of nowaday pop-mean-handsome/pretty-but-can't-sing idol maniac!

They were the one who made the 80s child live with glamors life filled with weekly top 40 songs, electronic disco, hard jel hairs, colorful shining sharp wardrobe and "Venus" lifestyle!

Check on their official website, the UK concert artists list are to be with Rick Astley, Cutting Crew, Curiosity Killed The Cat and ABC! Wow, if Rick is here, I am sure the tickets are fast off the shell now!

Malaysia is the Asia stop beside Japan! Wow! Bravo!

"I'll Never Give You Up", Rick!

It's less than 2 months to go and I'm still counting to my 80s party!

I love 80s! Let's "Turn Back The Time"!

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