Friday, January 04, 2008

Amazing Race Asia! Really Asia!

Was enjoying The Amazing Race Asia 1st Season when all teams are really work hard to fight to the championship.

I thought I will enjoy the 2nd season which promise to have more venues and much larger teams from more countries.

Gosh.. after few episodes, I found that it's just another drama queen charters! The last episode which they went to South Korea and pit stop at the Olympic Square, it's so dramatic. No more fun to see the gorgeous hunks Pinoy team to win all times where else all others are remain as dumb blonde as they are and as bitchy as they are.

I salute the Malaysian dancing mama who always tough and go steady but not the 2 Vince Chong's sis teams. They are as emotional as those Korean drama.

I hope the episode is not really edited and on site shot by the local Korean production house as they are famous for tearing dramatic series which the Malaysian Chinese aunties loves a lot.

Of course I don't hope that the production is now on hand by the former Hong Kong TVB series producers but looks...... it's the worst episode I even see.

Perhaps the Pinoy bitch shall leave her poor chicken US black husband away and leave our audiences peace of mind!

Gosh, I really can't stand the real Asia drama!

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