Thursday, January 03, 2008

Alrajhi Bank

Was at Alrajhi Bank Bandar Puteri Puchong on last day of 2007 to open a current account. I read all post and blog by Malaysian bloggers on success story of Paypal withdraw to Alrajhi Bank Visa Debit Card. So I am anxiety to give it a try since Alrajhi Bank is also my customer too.

The experience is present as it has given me a nice full-stop mark on year 2007.

First I read thru their website that RM500 is needed for current account opening and RM20 is needed for personal saving account. Since the branch is just located near my office, thus I am willingly to give it a try and off load my rely on Maybank.

Walk into the branch and really it is my first time to be there since its opening and I was working near there for 2 years now! The environment is pleasant with high class blue and white design theme.

Immediately there was this is cute lady (in her golden color uniform, i guess its) to greet me and assist me. She told me that an introducer (bank existing customer) or record of my other bank current account statement to support my current account opening. This is for checking for blocked cheque payment.

I have e-statement from Maybank which i can straightly print from website but they need the statements to be verified by Maybank. Then I think it's too hassle as its the last day of the year, the nearest Maybank might be kelam kabut!

So I process with the opening of saving account which must simple (need IC and RM20) only.

To my surprise, there is this machine which you can slot in yr Mykad or other Alrajhi Bank charge card for getting a queue number to be served at teller. So I get my first computerized number recorded... I wonder if my MyKad details are also captured?

Then this teller (a kind Malay) help me to decide if I wanna a saving or current. He recommend me to just drop by the nearest Maybank (near Tesco Puchong) to get my statement to verify and get my current account opened instead of saving account and save one trip.

So I said what the heck, ok, I will go to Maybank.

The bank is kind enough to furnish my request although tons of people there waiting to be served.. Funny is many people wanna to open saving account on the last day of 2007! To get interest? hehe

I went back to Alrajhi Bank and the officers there all recognized me and said "Wow, you are fast!" hehe.. I get my current account opened on 15 minutes with 10 leafs of cheque book and my ATM cum Visa Debit card embossed...

(The branch itself has the plastic card emboss machine! Impressive!! Read my Standard Chartered Bank earlier post was sucked big time! I have yet to receive my debit Mastercard till now!!!! One month after eSaver account opened!!!)

The teller/officer even take the effort to walk from counter to the Cheque deposit machine located on e-banking lobby to personally deposit the cheque for me! Impressive!!!

Thus, I have put my hands thump up for Alrajhi Bank which I earlier always has negative impression towards Arabia organization here like AmBank...

(Ambank Bandar Puteri gave me sour face when I open account there)..

Nowadays the front desk lady (wear Golden color uniform) has always greet me with a great smile whenever she saw me at the e-banking lobby and it do pay for good name around!

I must also said that Alrajhi Bank posted the most sophisticated e-banking machine that can do cash withdraw, cash deposit and cheque deposit all ina single machine! Haha

Of course my day end with I sent a very good feedback to Alrajhi Bank itself to reflect my gratitude towards Bandar Puteri branch.

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